Our Mission

We are a diverse congregation with a rich history. The church began as an Evangelical Brethren congregation who built our current building in 1900. Today, as part of the United Methodist Church, our members have a strong faith in Jesus Christ and we live it out in the missions of mercy which we engage in within our own building, in the local community, and in other parts of the world.

Centennial Early Learning Center

Centennial Early Learning Center is committed to providing quality early childhood education that can be measured in terms of curriculum, concepts and practices. Scholarships are available.

Clothing Pantry

Our clothing pantry is open to all that are in need, please call ahead to book an appointment.

The Refugee Welcoming Committee

We welcome all refugees and partner with several non-profits to assist refugees with clothing, household items, and community and spiritual support.

Pastoral Counseling

Our Pastor is a Board Certified Chaplain available by appointment. Call the church for an appointment, our click here.